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Female 14ft Lavender Reticulated Python
Ball python, about 2 years old. Was told it is female when purchased but I have not had it sexed. Is a family pet, has not been bred. My schedule makes it difficult to adequately care for her.
I had 14 baby bearded dragons for sale that I have been raising and caring for since the mother laid eggs. Now I am down to 12. They are about 2 1/2 months old. I would like to give these baby beardies a great home! I also have the mother and father for sale. Just leave me a message or give me a call so that we can work something out. Thanks!!!
I m a male juvenile Reeve s turtle for adoption in the Baltimore York area. I need at least a gallon tank for now and when I m full grown I ll need at least a gallon aquarium but larger will be better. A gallon Rubbermaid stock tank would be a great enclosure for me (and stock tanks are much cheaper than aquariums). Reeve s usually need slightly shallow water but we can handle deep water IF it ...
Berlin is an adult male aquatic red-eared slider (RES) turtle. H e s in the Baltimore area but transport is available to the York area. He s about and a little over years old. That s kind of young for a turtle (sliders can live - years typically) so he might put on another inch over time. He s been living in a gallon tank so a gallon tank would be a real upgrade for him (although larger is nice...
I am a young adult female aquatic Yellowbellied Slider turtle (Trachemys scripta scripta) near Baltimore MD but transpot is available to York PA. I m about - long and kind of young for a turtle. I eat Mazuri Reptomin and Zoo Med turtle pellets and other brands of pellets dark leafy greens and thin slices of sweet potato. I d really like a gallon aquarium or gallon Rubbermaid stock tank (larger ...
Male and female captive breed piebald ball pythons avialable for sale. They are months old and very healthy i feed them once every week with a medium size frozen mouse and they are great eaters the are very active and also perfect for breeding . They shed well and they will come together with some accesories including complte tank.email or me for details . Photos and contact info on Advertigo w...
I m a very young aquatic red-eared slider turtle for adoption in Sewell New Jersey. My adopter would have to pick me up from my foster home in Sewell. For right now I d be happy with a gallon aquarium although eventually I ll need at least a gallon aquarium. Please remember that baby turtles grow larger You won t be able to tell if I m a boy or girl until my top shell is long. I ve been living ...
Free to good home year old iguans in excellent health was in school. Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
Female leopard geckos. About yr-yr old. Still available as of today . Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
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